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Created by Moriquendi 2009/09/23 04:39:31 PM
Oh, hey.. this still works.

Created by Moriquendi 2008/07/04 01:44:30 PM

Created by Grigori 2008/04/29 06:10:04 PM
Thunder only happens when it's raining,
Players only love you when you are playing.
Say...women...they will come and they will go;
When the rain washes you'll know.

"Dreams" Fleetwood Mac 1977

Created by Moriquendi 2008/03/31 09:31:34 PM
Evil Vincentine chatting with somebody awesome on webcam.

Created by Grigori 2008/03/31 05:02:06 PM
"What can I do to hurt someone who has lost all that he loves?" asked the Rabbit.
"What? Why hurt someone who has lost all that he loves?" said the Mouse.
"Do you know the answer or not?" said the Rabbit.
"Give him back something broken," said the Mouse.

Created by Soilgheas 2008/03/30 08:12:17 PM  Modified by Grigori 2008/03/31 03:52:45 AM
now I can add things to the site, be afraid, be very afraid

You know perfectly well that once you are certain a thing is lost, the fear of loss is lost with it.
What's there left to say? Except perhaps, "This was what happened here. Laugh, if you can." --Grigori

Created by Soilgheas 2008/03/27 07:25:46 PM  Modified by Grigori 2008/03/27 08:01:45 PM

Soilgheas's Thought of the Day

The honest tells no secret, for they have no secret to tell.
She who tells dark secrets tells half truths to hide the whole truth which is darker and more terrible still.
But...but...those beautiful half truths are awesome. The honest is plain dull. --Grigori

Created by Grigori 2008/03/27 07:00:48 PM  Modified by Soilgheas 2008/03/27 07:04:51 PM

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P.S. Grigori works too slowly --Soilgheas